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From a “Pioneer” to a “Leader”, Mr. Wu Jianying Enters the List of the “4th Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Leaders”

On the 27th day of November, the results of the selection of the “4th Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Leaders” were announced. Mr. Wu Jianying, Executive Director & General Manager of Haohai Biological Technology was on the list.

Picture: Mr. Wu Jianying was at the awarding ceremony

In 2007, the founding year of Haohai Biological Technology, with a keen business sense and decisive decision-making power, Mr. Wu Jianying, GM of the company, and the company’s management team successively acquired three Shanghai-based companies specializing in the manufacturing of medical hyaluronic acid products. The three companies that had been competitors with each other have been combined, primarily forming today’s Haohai Biological Technology, and laying the foundation for the company’s subsequent integration in the field of medical absorbable biomaterials. In those years the domestic medical absorbable biomaterials sector was mainly monopolized by imported brands. However, immediately after the completion of the acquisition, Mr. Wu Jianying led the team to start integration, invested the necessary funds to transform the original production facilities, made a layout of new products, and strengthened production capacity to improve corporate profitability with quality products. The company realized profitability in the second year after the acquisition in 2007. After the profit was guaranteed, the company has obtained its own hematopoietic function. Today the company has developed into a leader of domestic medical absorbable biomaterial market.

In 2016, when Haohai Biological Technology entered its tenth year, taking the high-value ophthalmic consumable IOL as a breakthrough, the company started a series of global M &As around the entire IOL industry chain. Today the company owns six IOL brands, as one of the largest IOL suppliers in China. In terms of sales volume, Haohai’s IOL brand has occupied approx. 30% of the market share in China.

When comes to the success of Haohai Biological Technology, Mr. Wu Jianying summed it up in three words – opportunity, resources and human. The combination of the great opportunity, environmental resources and teamwork in the right time has ultimately contributed to the success of Haohai Biological Technology in the past 11 years since the founding.

Mr. Wu Jianying said: “For a long period, Haohai Biological Technology has always been developing in a familiar field, taking every step steadily and focusing on upgrading existing products and developing value-added products which can promote vertical integration.”
Picture: Mr. Wu Jianying, General Manager of Haohai Biological Technology

Through development in the past decade, Haohai Biological Technology has grown into a leader of the medical biomaterials industry in China, and set 8 production facilities and 15 production lines at home and abroad. The company has won the honors such as the “National Enterprise Technology Centers”, “National Advantageous Enterprise in Intellectual Property, “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Shanghai Small Giant Enterprise in Science and Technology” and “Shanghai Small Giant Incubator in Science and Technology”, and received the second prize of the “National Science and Technology Progress”, “CAS Science and Technology Progress Award”, the first prize of “Shanghai Science and Technology Invention” and some other awards. Now Haohai Biological Technology owns 2 national-level scientific research platforms, 6 municipal-level R&D platforms, 181 patent applications, 144 authorized patents and 39 authorized invention patents.

The selection of “Industrial and Commercial Leaders” was jointly organized by the Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics, the Shanghai Commercial Federation and the Shanghai Enterprise Confederation and a total of 35 companies stood out through candidate declaration by enterprises, recommendation by industry associations, and pre-review, preliminary review and final review by a jury according to procedures and standards.



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